• Heather the dragon rider

    Let's see how far I get with this.... ;P


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  • Heather the dragon rider

    What have I done...

    I'm not sure what this is exactly...

    I'm sorry rofl

    I just have to get this OUT OF MY HEAD XD

    "It's right over here, King Julien, oh just wait till you see it, you're gonna love it! It took weeks to build, but it's gonna be so great! Wait till you ride in it!" Timo snorted with laughter. "Ahem. Sorry. Here it is, your majesty..." He pulled back a curtain. "Your airplane!"

    A strange contraption sat on a large flat rock. To anyone else it would have looked like a pile of junk melted together, but in King Julien's eyes it was beautiful. He gasped. "It-it's beautiful! It's amazing! I can't even think of a word! What's the word I'm looking for, Maurice?"

    Maurice didn't look very impressed by the machine. "Umm... a pile of junk? No…

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  • Heather the dragon rider

    Frost Hare

    December 19, 2016 by Heather the dragon rider

    This is my Christmas/Winter/New Years gift to all of you, all my RW friends! :D I love you all so much!!! ^^ So yeah, this is what I've been working on for the past month... :s But now it's finished, I can hopefully get back to DoR next month, when I won't be so busy. I wanted to finish this in time for Christmas, so it's not the greatest... feels a bit rushed to me... but I hope you enjoy it anyway. :} It's actually a crossover with Rise of the Guardians, which might sound weird, but I loved the idea so much. x] If you haven't seen RotG... well, this story shouldn't really have too many spoilers, or you could go watch it, then read the story. ;) I hope you enjoy it anyway, even if you don't understand it. xD 

    The cloud was wet and cold, li…

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  • Heather the dragon rider

    Hm I'm not sure what to call this really, but whatever. It's just to kinda keep track of my ideas and characters for this fic that I will probably never write. I just really like the idea, and even if I never do write it, I can at least have fun with the characters and maybe RP with them. ;) Anyways, this is an idea that I had quite a long time ago, actually, about a Redwall version of Robin Hood that takes place in Southsward. I did write a bit of it, but didn't have enough ideas to make much at the time, and now I'm busy with Defenders and a bunch of other stuff so... =P I kept most of my original ideas, but I have changed a couple things.

    Now I'm thinkin' I'll call it Tournament at Floret. The King's Outlaw is now the working title XD

    Flinn Stre…

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  • Heather the dragon rider

    I actually made most of the characters for this story before I even really knew about Redwall Wiki. Me and my brother are always being our favorite characters, and so we made some RW characters up for ourselves. We have a hideout down at our creek, (the Moss) that we built specially for being our characters. Then, when I found out that you can write fanfics on this wiki, I decided to write down our adventures as Cherry and Spikes. Thing is, we're always arguing over stuff. Argh.

    To everybeast on this wiki who has written a fanfic, because you inspired me to write my own. Also for my brother, (who is Spikes), my Dad, (who helped us with our hideout), and of course BJ!

    Dong sighed and shook his head. "Where are those ruffians? I've looked ever…

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  • IllusionOfOblivion

    A Rift in Time

    August 16, 2015 by IllusionOfOblivion

    A Rift in Time / Rifted Time This is a story, connected to Sayna's FanFictions, and so it follows her version of events, storyline, and ideas. This means that I do not own some ideas, as they are hers, in fact, you could say it is in sorts, a FanFiction of her FanFictions. Also, these Chapters are planned to be all different lengths, so bear with me here.

    This is the story of a character who stands for something greater than even the main character can imagine. It will be a woven tale of how truth is bended by evil, and even those who are seemingly hopeless in the face of a battle can do something to help. (Though perhaps in a more dramatic sense here.) What happens when no one believes you? It appears no one is there to help? Light can be f…

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  • SaynaSLuke

    The mighty Lord who owns the blade,

    And acquaintance of old,

    Will war long with the Lord self-made,

    Where sun turns sea to gold.

    The warrior maid with golden fur,

    Will come and help them fight.

    And even when strife is no more,

    Lingers sorrow black as night.

    Whoever hears and heeds this cry,

    To march off into war,

    The question is; Who will die?

    Whose blood will stain this shore?


    This is the first book in a trilogy called The Unsung Heroes

    Book 1: The Warrior's Beginning (completed, rewritten version of Martin the Warrior (book)

    Book 2: Four Warriors Cometh (in progress, rewritten version of Mossflower)

    Book 3: The Prophesy Fulfilled (not started, rewritten version of The Legend of Luke)

    This story is dedicated to Brain Jacques, because he had the awes…

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  • Vaylayna the Shade


    April 15, 2015 by Vaylayna the Shade


    A trail of paw prints led from the crashing waves by the sea, through sandy dunes, to the fringes of a woody cliff. A lone, black traveller turns around casting piercing black eyes over her hidden home. Somehow she knew she wasn't ever going to return the sands of the Eastern Lands. She hadn't told anyone of that feeling inside of her, but there it was. She would not be going back. She would not ever see those sands and wavelets in which she had played when she was little. The black hare turned away without any emotion on her face, although, inside, emotions were bubbling like boiling water . . .

    In a swirl of green and black, the hare vanished into the cliffs, never to return.

    Patchrunner nestled back into a tussock on the top of a …

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  • AlexanderWiki2002


    March 31, 2015 by AlexanderWiki2002


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