Defenders of Redwall is a fanfic by Heather. It is the first book of the trilogy A Hero's Journey.


Six young Redwallers are sent off on a quest to retrieve the Sword of Martin from a mysterious creature who stole it several seasons before, and return to find Redwall Abbey being attacked by the same enemy. But is there more to it than just getting the sword?  


  • Hiccup - a small, skinny young mouse with reddish fur and freckles; an unlikely Hero
  • Dewrose - a fierce mousemaid
  • Snotspike - a not very nice hedgehog with big muscles
  • Grublegs - a bookworm mole, who is scared of a lot of things
  • Ruffpaw - a reckless squirrelmaid, the twin sister of Tuffpaw
  • Tuffpaw - Ruffpaw's twin brother, not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but he's funny
  • Dagru the Dastardly - a young dogfox, who they meet on their quest
  • Torwin - a big red dragon, who stole the Sword of Martin
  • Heather - a young black-furred ottermaid, who may not be who she seems