Warning! This page may contain spoilers! I recommend you not to read it unless you have read the fanfiction in which this character was featured.

Ellen is a mousemaid, raised at Redwall Abbey. She can also be known as Lenn, as a nickname.



In a series of tragic events, Lenn was left with only one family member at the beginning of her featured FanFiction.

Her parents were killed in battle, her father a warrior, her mother a healer. So, she stayed with her grandparents at Redwall Abbey. Only a winter later, her grandmother caught sickness, and passed away.

It is unknown if she has any siblings.


Despite her lonely beginning, Ellen became slightly more social as time went on. Though, at the Abbey as a Dibbun, she had little to no friends except the characters in the books she read and wrote about.



Ellen's main time appearance is around Abbot Saxus.

Featured in: A Rift In Time

Weapon: Unknown

Fur Color: Medium to dark brown, as well as creamy markings. Headfur darker.

Eye Color: Deep brown

Accessories: Ellen always, without fail— carries or has a leather bag by her side to carry whatever she needs. She also wears a pendant of a hourglass.

This is Ellen, as a Dibbun.