Erwin Daskar :3

Erwin was an ermine, although she was strangely pure black, and her coat never changed with the seasons as the rest of her species. She had one white forepaw; her right one. Her eyes were sparkling light blue. She was the sister of Badrang the Tyrant and Truman Clogg, and the daughter of Vilu Daskar.

Erwin was somewhat of a sly trickster, and was known for doing whatever benefited her the most. She grew far more loyal when she met the mighty Lord Ignasa and turned to him, leaving her evil ways behind. Erwin was the mother of Estella and her little brother, who was killed by Badrang. The wicked ermine stole Estella and left Erwin for dead, seriously wounded by a knife. An otter found her and nursed her back to health; and Erwin dedicated the rest of her life to kill her brother for her families deaths.

When she fulfilled this oath jointly with Martin the Warrior in the battle of Marshank, Erwin learned Estella was not dead, but had been sold to Verdauga as a barmaid. She traveled to Mossflower with Groddil, and through many adventures, was reunited with her daughter.

Erwin lived out her seasons at Redwall, finally dying in the Great Battle with Lotor, defending the creatures she had grown to love.

Random trivia

  • 'Erwin' is actually a boy's name ;P *
  • During the struggles against Badrang, Erwin posed as a seer, under the alias Raven*

Featured in

'The Warrior's Beginning', 'Four Warriors Cometh', 'The Prophecy Fulfilled'