Shooting Stars

Eveningstar and Mystiquestar

Eveningstar, or just Star, was a liver chestnut stallion and a lifelong resident of Southsward. He, unlike many horses, had an independent business; as evidenced by the fact he owned his own cab and pulled it solo. He was young, eighteen seasons, but was quite strong and intelligent; proving this by managing his own career, without the help of any woodlanders.

Star met Fripple and some of Veil's other friends when they hired his cab to help get their newly freed slaves, Byron and Vinwyte, to an inn for rest and treatment. The stallion found their group surprising but quite amusing, with their arguing and idiosyncrasies. Throughout the course of later adventures, he found himself accidently caught up in their quest to defeat Swartt, a venture he had first deemed totally insane. Star even went as far as to accidently volunteer himself to teach Mystiquestar to run and build her undeveloped but inherited stamina; something quite difficult due to her attraction to eating. However through perseverance, he taught Myst to overcome this, and even went as far as to fall in love with her, later marrying her.

Random trivia

  • Liver chestnut is a rare but beautiful coloration; it really does look like the picture :3
  • Star is part Egyptian Arabian, part Friesian (hence the feathering on his hooves)

Featured in

'Accused' (Dream Seekers, The Veil is Torn)