Horlington Bradshaw Vittlescoff III, or Horlington, or Horly was a young, excitable hare from Salamandastron under the command of Brigadier Elton Harringworthy. He loved to eat, fight and have fun with his friends. Despite his outward goofy ways, Horlington was an awesome fighter and perilous warrior. At Redwall Abbey, he was momentarily disappointed at the cancelling of the Jubilee Feast, but soon became happy again once he had a chance to fight and go questing. He went to go rescue Slippy, Tibbles, and Bolo from Syzran with his friends, Alderjack and Treescamp. When they met up with the Guosim, Horlington could outscoff every shrew in the tribe. After they had saved the babes and got back to Redwall, Horlington showed his fighting skills against Syzran's Horde. He stayed for the Jubilee Feast and was the first to tuck in!