Riah is and was the main protagonist of the fan fiction, 'A Twisted Reality , by IllusionOfOblivion . She is described as a slim squirrelmaid, redish brown in color with darker brown long hair, in simple terms. In longer terms, that will be added farther down the page. Her weapon of choice is the bow and arrow, but she is able to use others, usually anything at paw. 


Riah was at one time born to a happy family, but that happiness was short lived. One peaceful night, a ship, massive and forewarning, landed and raided the home where her family dwelled. Only a young maiden then, she could not fight, and her entire small family was taken captive by the Emperor, Cerberus Ahgorrun.

Not having the strength nor season at the time, the maid lived with the other slaves, but did not row or haul supplies alongside her father or mother.

Then, the annual tradition for the wolf Emperor to set sail in search of conquest and great glory came. As entertainment that night, a Cerberus style fight was arranged, what we would know as Roman Gladiator fights. Riah's father was set to fight Cerberus's best fighter. Her father won, but in self-defense killed his opponent without consent from Ceberus. The dark wolf took his rage out, but killing Riah's father and injuring the young maid when Riah leaped up to help. 

Her mother was taken away, never to be seen again by the maid, and so Riah's tale of woven hardships began. It wasn't always going to be that way, somehow she knew it. Unlike some beasts, her spirit was never broken. 

When old enough, she was taken in as a rowslave, and placed beside a creature who quickly became a friend. Zevquain Woodsorrel of Salmandastron. 


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'A Twisted Reality'

Extra Trivia

  • Riah is pronounced as Ria (Ree-uh), the 'h' is silent.