Salyn is a dillute ermine, meaning she has genetics that cause her coloring to be paler than average, almost albino but not quite.


She is known as serious yet sarcastic, cool in the face of danger in most situations. Oddly enough, her dream occupation is to be an assassin, but as of in general, she has not achieved this position. Though a little sassy, there is no doubt Salyn is highly intelligent, with a calculating cold gaze. She prefers to use a rapier for her weapon, but is also effective while using daggers or virtually any weapon she can get her paws on.

As seen in the reference, she usually where's a slightly loose dress of pale purple blue, belted around the middle with a braided black belt. The dress itself is cut at an angle towards the bottom, and off the shoulder; Salyn has no trouble with moment.

In summer, her pelt turned a very pale brown with cream, and as seen in the picture, her winter coat is white with ashen markings. As for her eyes, they are relatively colorless.

Little else is known about her, where she lives or what time she is in. All anyone knows at the moment is she can be a cunning enemy, right down to the practical way she discusses the successful battles she has completed...