Skut Wavedeep is a sea otter pirate who appears in Defenders of Redwall. He helped the six cross the Western Sea to get to Torglenn Isle. He owns a ship named Wavedancer.


Skut is a tall, muscly sea otter with dark brown fur and green-blue eyes, about twenty five seasons old. He wears a blue tunic and green pants with boots, as well as a red headband, an earring, and a patch on his right eye.


Skut is pretty friendly, except to his enemies, who he slays without much mercy.


When the six were attacked and captured by toads, Skut saw, and chased the toads off. He then asked what they were doing, and after they explained, he offered to help them. So they set off for Torglenn Isle in his ship, the Wavedancer. After about a week, there was a storm, in which they were shipwrecked, and they lost track of Skut.