Snotspike is a hedgehog, and one of the six in A Hero's Journey.


Snotspike is a muscly teenage hedgehog with blue eyes, wearing a green tunic with a wide belt. Later, he adds studded armbands, a gold belt buckle, brown pants, boots, and an arm ring to his outfit.

In the second book, he changes to a blue tunic, with striped pants and green boots.

Later, in Hero's Destiny, he wears a dark green tunic with brown pants and armbands.


Snotspike is tough, mean, and all around not very nice. He mostly bullies Hiccup, who he hates, or at least thinks he does. He usually just picks on him just because, but sometimes he has a reason, like when he is scared, nervous, or even angry at somebeast else, he takes it out on Hiccup.