Syzran was the extremely intelligent, evil that was the main antagonist and leader of the horde in the fanfiction, Siege over Mossflower Country. Using the past efforts of other conquerors that tried to conquer Redwall, he used the woodlander's natural loving instincts against them and momentarily gained control of the Abbey, using his brilliant intellect, knowledge of vermin history, and ruthlessness. He also killed the leaders of other bands, such as Bonesnap and Dilger Lashtail and combined the bands into his horde, creating a gigantic horde of 10000 vermin. After he killed the other vermin band leaders and his enemies, he skinned them and hung their pelts on his wall, representing each creature with fur he killed. (There was a lot!) Syzran was a renowned double scimitar fighter, almost subduing Alderjack. He died when the young squirrel retaliated and beheaded him.