Torwin is a dragon, and the main villain of Defenders of Redwall


Torwin is a large red dragon, with four legs, big wings, and a longish neck with a black arrow shape tipped tail. His double horns are golden, and he has yellow eyes, which can turn red when he is angry enough. His chest, neck, and stomach are protected by impenetrable scales, with fins on his front legs. His body is covered in dark red swirl patterns, and he wears a gold necklace set with a purple stone, as well as two gold tailrings, matching leg bracelets, and a blue tattoo on his leg hind leg. He also has a scar on his right shoulder.


Before the events of Defenders, Torwin was actually rather nice, but then he became bitter and vengeful, stealing valuable things from all around, where ever he could find them. Like most dragons, he is cruel, selfish, and arrogant.


Eight seasons before the events of Defenders, Torwin attacked Redwall Abbey and stole the Sword of Martin, flying back to his hideout in the north, with Errol chasing after him.


Skills and Abilities


Like many dragons, Torwin can breathe fire. It is about average, to tell the truth, but it is very powerful and one blast can kill a beast. He can control his shots, though, and make the blast stronger or less stronger as he chooses. He has a ten shot limit, but can reload by eating.


  • 'Tor' is derived from Thor, and 'win' means friend. So his name means 'thunder friend'.
  • He is inspired by Smaug and Furious.