Treescamp is the devoted son of Goodwife Nutbrush and best friend of Alderjack. He and Alderjack alerted Abbot Arstead of the arrival of Syzran. He then went questing with Alderjack and a young hare named Horlington Bradshaw Vittlescoff III. After getting rescued from the Flitchaye by Goodwife Nutbrush and Slimbrook, it was Treescamp's idea to scare them off with fire. He and Alderjack were good friends of the Guosim shrews and their leader, Log-a-log Glinko. Treescamp had experiences with snakes, so he knew how to defeat serpents, and saved Ubble from one. He was a good archer and killed Dirgepaw and Rizzo. At the final battle, he fought bravely in the against Syzran's Horde and lived to tell the tale. He, Alderjack, and Goodwife Nutbrush all stayed for the Jubilee Feast and ate 3 bowls of candied chestnuts. He continued to live in Goodwife Nutbrush's Treehouse with Alderjack and his mother and visited Redwall often.