aka Sayna, Fripple, Azul, Ivy .. or Romsca

  • I live in Brockhall, but if I'm not there, try Redwall ... or the mountains of Ictor .. or Sampetra .. or Salamandastron .. or Southsward .. or anywhere in Mossflower ..
  • I was born on March 7
  • My occupation is ballad writer, story teller, archer, horse person to be, pirate, warrior, artist, fanfic writer, wanderer, ghost, swordsmith, ice queen, ect .. you get the idea ;)
  • I am a girl mouse, duh. Except for when I'm a girl ferret ;P
  • SaynaSLuke

    The mighty Lord who owns the blade,

    And acquaintance of old,

    Will war long with the Lord self-made,

    Where sun turns sea to gold.

    The warrior maid with golden fur,

    Will come and help them fight.

    And even when strife is no more,

    Lingers sorrow black as night.

    Whoever hears and heeds this cry,

    To march off into war,

    The question is; Who will die?

    Whose blood will stain this shore?


    This is the first book in a trilogy called The Unsung Heroes

    Book 1: The Warrior's Beginning (completed, rewritten version of Martin the Warrior (book)

    Book 2: Four Warriors Cometh (in progress, rewritten version of Mossflower)

    Book 3: The Prophesy Fulfilled (not started, rewritten version of The Legend of Luke)

    This story is dedicated to Brain Jacques, because he had the awes…

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