Vaylayna the Shade came from the Eastern Shore Nightshadow Hares. She has black fur, black eyes, and commonly wears a galloper's tunic with three belts full of knives.

As a young hare, she lived with her huge family in a sand dune down at the Eastern Shores. She was trained in the art of knife-fighting by her father, who later presented her with his own knife, which she treasures much. A strange tradition in their family, every sibling of hers left the household, traveling far away, sooner or later. Some came back, others didn't. In time, Vaylayna left her household and travelled to Salamandastron. She was one of the few who would never return.

At Salamandastron her tough endurance helped her shoot through the ranks. Within a season or two, she was a Galloper. At Salamandastron, she had no intention of leaving any time soon--until Rosebrush the Foxmaid showed up. After being singled out to accompany the Foxmaid on a trip away from Salamandastron, Vaylayna left the war fortress to continue her travels. Intent upon reaching Redwall Abbey, the two made their way through Mossflower Woods, encountering many difficulties, including three Juskacull escapees. At last, they reached Redwall--only to realize that it was under threat from a lone Wolverine, and that they were two of the prophesied five to save the Abbey.