Xemx .. with background :3

Xemx is a sly and conniving rat maid who is a low down paw reader in Lotor's horde. She works for Velox, as a seer, spy, and messenger. However, when Roderick comes to Salamandastron as one of the Shadow Fighters sent to help Lotor keep ahold of his stronghold, Xemx sees his power, and wants it. After making shaky deal with him, she begins to learn the ways of a Shadow fighter .. but also that she's not the only beast who can con. Xemx is very selfish, she will do anything if it benefits her. If she has to kill to do it, she will. Even when the tables are turned heavily against her, Xemx never gives up. She is strong and witty, and always seems to have a clever .. and usually wicked scheme up her sleeve.

Random trivia

  • Xemx means sun, or light in another language .. not sure which one though XP She's named after her outer looks, that for sure :P

Featured in

'The Prophecy Fulfilled'