Though he is often known as Zev, Zevquain Woodsorrel of Salmandastron is his full title. He is a hare, an in training member of the Long Patrol, son of Major Dustscut, and a friend to Riah.


Not a lot is known about Zevquain's appearance, other than the fact that he is a tawny hare, hazel eyed, who wears a traditional Long Patrol tunic. His hair curls up slightly, and he is built average, strong and somewhat lanky. His favored weapon is the lance.

Friends & Relationships

His best friend is a similar hare by the name of Fralt, but Riah is currently a good friend as well.

He has no love life, but had two sisters, Quira and Lark. His youngest brother's name is unknown, and he is the son of Major Dustscut Woodsorrel, and Tril Woodsorrel— a decendent of one of Tarquain's many children.

He is aquaintances with several creatures, including Illusion.


Like many hares, Zev has the traditional personality of a Long Patrol hare. Sprightly, talkative and a bottomless pit in the food world; he proves to be a true hare and friend. Though he has not yet been in a true battle, Zevquain does knwo how to fight, and is truly a perilous beast despite his cheerful attitude.